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The Highcliffe Story


The Highcliffe Food and Arts Festival is a two-day event which started in 2014 and takes place in June each year. The event is organised and run by a committee of unpaid volunteers with the purpose of celebrating local and regional food and drink. It is a not-for-profit organisation and any money generated goes back in to the festival to improve it year after year.

avon beach to heng-lowres.jpg
avon beach to heng-lowres.jpg

Our Aims

to promote local food producers, independent restaurants and retailers in Highcliffe to provide educational and fun workshops and cookery demonstrations to encourage people to eat healthy, homemade and locally sourced food. to establish Highcliffe as a destination and to promote the surrounding area and beaches for tourism.  to transform the village street and recreation area during the festival with activities for all ages to enjoy.

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