The Highcliffe Food and Arts Festival is committed to having an environmentally responsible event and we are working closely with our traders and suppliers  to plan and implement a festival which will be as eco-friendly as possible

The key actions being undertaken are:-


Single use plastic is one of the biggest problems we have. To avoid the problem, please bring a reusable water bottle and refill it during the day. Here in Highcliffe, we currently have three sites that carry the Refill logo you see displayed:- The Paddle at the Lymington Road/Waterford Road junction, and The Globe Inn, Highcliffe and Premier Inn, Highcliffe, Dorset.both on Lymington Road near the Recreation Ground, You can also make use of an app to give you locations of all other refill sites in the area. Go to https://refill.org.uk/ and download from either Google Play or the App Store


To encourage us all to separate out our recycling waste, we have employed the services of a local waste removal business Junk-O-Saurus. As well as the normal waste bins we have used in the past, you will see reclaimed wood bins clearly marked for recycled material. A 'Junk-O-Saurus' will be roaming the festival areas, using a family friendly and fun approach, talking about waste management and recycling. Hopefully, everyone will appreciate the necessity to keep recycled and non-recyclable materials separate and will work with us to make the event as eco-friendly as possible.

Teams of litter pickers will also be working throughout the Festival hand-collecting litter.

Green Plants
Event Materials

This year to help reduce paper wastage, festival programs will only be available from libraries, public buildings, garden centres etc. Programs will also be available over the actual weekend for those attendees unable to acquire a copy beforehand. Flyers giving information of the events and timetables will instead be distributed to all homes in the local areas. All of these publications will be printed on FSC-certified paper and marked accordingly. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) products are sourced from sustainable forests and are closely monitored to ensure all strict guidelines relating to the forest management are adhered to.

Event Signage will be produced from All Weather Board which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

car pollution.jpg

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Transportation has the highest carbon footprint and we would like attendees to consider how they will travel to the event..Although there is free road parking around Highcliffe, we encourage our visitors to use public transport or car share where possible. Please also consider these alternative methods:-

Bus using either the Yellow Buses 1a service or Morebus X1 & X2 services.

Rail using the local railway station at Hinton Admiral which is about a 15min walk to the village centre.

Car - avoid if possible as there is only limited parking at the Cliff Top Car park.

Bicycle - there are railings around the Recreation Ground that can be used to lock up your cycles.

On Foot - hopefully all local residents will use this form of transport

Use the following link                        to check Bus and Rail Timetables for the weekend.



We are encouraging food/drink vendors to use compostable/biodegradable/recycled boxes, plates and cutlery. As glass is not permitted due to licensing, drink vendors are using recyclable/compostable cups. Traders will be informed of the waste reduction and recycling programs we are trying to implement including the availability of recycling bins and the aim of the festival to become a 'green' event



  • Take public transport to and from the Festival.

  • Bring a reusable water bottle. There are plenty of free water filling stations at the Festival.

  • Take home your rubbish or bin in the correct recycling/non-recycling bin.

  • Bring your own reuseable shopping bags and even tupperware/containers to take home the delicious produce that you will be sure to buy.